About Lenkeer
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Why your company in East Africa needs care about new startup called lenkeer.

East Africa is working hard toward resurrection of EAC and this will have many benefits to businesses in East Africa as well as challenges.

One of the challenges we will face is raise of market competition and that means only adaptive companies will survive and those who will not adapt will be cast aside very quickly. The benefit is, the market will be very huge which means If you will play your card right your business will experience huge growth.

But as you know, Business Is all about beneficial relationship, communication and Information, and that means those who will have more and better relationships, communications and Information will easily adapt and thrive while those who find hard times making new relationships will surely be wiped by heavy competition.

Now you may ask what does it have to do with Lenkeer?

Well, Everything my friend!

Lenkeer is a startup that intends to make your company adapt to competitive market by connecting you to businesses/companies throughout East Africa so that you can build and maintain relationships and communicate easily.

It is what your company needs the most because Lenkeer helps your company adapt to competitions and grow. But How?

You are in need of clients, partners, tenders, suppliers, consultants…(You name it) based on your target market, category or need, then with lenkeer this process should take less than 15 seconds to find all companies that matching your desire, Also lenkeer will give you have a lot of options here, you can either connect and network with the companies or start communication directly with the decision makers of that companies.

You can furtherly find companies in certain area that are currently in need of product or service you are offering. Isn’t that amazing! This could save you tones of hours you need to find a client, understand their current needs, communicate and build relationships.

With lenkeer what could previously cost money and take weeks, probably months and sometimes Years by your team of Marketing, Sales, Advertising, PR and customer case can all be summed up and being accomplished in 15 seconds by one person in the company. And I am serious about it, in 15 Seconds.

This is because lenkeer is going to provide you with free account where you can share your location, business category, what you offer to the market and what is your current need/pain.

By doing so It makes it way easier to filter all companies in East Africa in need of certain product or services in seconds and communicate in easiest straight forward methods available. I will happily give you an example, if you are a startup and in need of seed fund, you will choose seed fund as YOUR NEED and that will help get financial companies from all over East Africa that provides seed funds to find you easily and lay their offers to you.

Not only that you can choose to see all companies that offer seed fund in East Africa or specifically in certain East African Country and you can connect and communicate directly to the decision makers of the companies.

The same applies to all companies in need of Investors, Partners, Suppliers, Clients, Joint Venture, Financiers, Technology, Office Supplies, Consultations, Legal Advice, Information etc.

With Lenkeer it’s easy to intra-trade with east African countries though building relationship, and know your current market need down to individual company/business and trade unlimitedly.

Our aim is to remove complications and gaps in doing business in east Africa and spice up Intra-EAC Trade with healthy competition, and information.

We believe there is no trade without solution to problem, and to better understand the problem we need a relationship and to have relationship we first need information on who is who, does what, located where and to sum up, no trade without communication.

And Lenkeer is here to give you all that in one package free for the growth of Africa.